Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Versions

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The following table lists version number of the SqlServr.exe file:

BuildAlternative buildsQKBKB / DescriptionRelease Date
7.0.11527.00.1152Q948113KB948113948113 MS08-040: Description of the security update for SQL Server 7.0: July 8, 2008
7.0.11497.00.1149Q867763KB867763867763 FIX: An access violation exception may occur when you run a SELECT statement that contains complex JOIN operations in SQL Server 7.0
7.0.11437.00.1143Q830233KB830233830233 New Connection Events Are Not Recorded in SQL Server Traces
7.0.11437.00.1143Q829015KB829015829015 FIX: An attention signal that is sent from a SQL Server client application because of a query time-out may cause the SQL Server service to quit unexpectedly
7.0.10977.00.1097Q822756KB822756822756 A Complex UPDATE Statement That Uses an Index Spool Operation May Cause an Assertion
7.0.10947.00.1094Q821279KB821279821279 MS03-031: Security patch for SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 4
7.0.10947.00.1094Q815495KB815495815495 MS03-031: Cumulative security patch for SQL Server
7.0.10927.00.1092Q820788KB820788820788 FIX: Delayed domain authentication may cause SQL Server to stop responding
7.0.10877.00.1087Q814693KB814693814693 FIX: SQL Server 7.0 Scheduler May Periodically Stop Responding During Large Sort Operation
7.0.10797.00.1079Q329499KB329499329499 FIX: Replication Removed from Database After Restore WITH RECOVERY
7.0.10787.00.1078Q327068KB327068327068 INF: SQL Server 7.0 Security Update for Service Pack 4
7.0.10777.00.1077Q316333KB316333316333 SQL Server 2000 Security Update for Service Pack 2
7.0.10637.00.1063SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4)  Latest SP
7.0.10337.00.1033Q324469KB324469324469 FIX: Error message 9004 may occur when you restore a log that does not contain any transactions
7.0.10267.00.1026Q319851KB319851319851 FIX: Assertion and Error Message 3314 Occurs If You Try to Roll Back a Text Operation with READ UNCOMMITTED
7.0.10047.00.1004Q304851KB304851304851 FIX: SQL Server Text Formatting Functions Contain Unchecked Buffers
7.0.9967.00.996Q299717KB299717299717 FIX: Query Method Used to Access Data May Allow Rights that the Login Might Not Normally Have
7.0.9787.00.978Q285870KB285870285870 FIX: Update With Self Join May Update Incorrect Number Of Rows
7.0.9777.00.977Q284351KB284351284351 FIX: SQL Server Profiler and SQL Server Agent Alerts May Fail to Work After Installing SQL Server 7.0 SP3
7.0.9707.00.970Q283837KB283837283837 FIX: SQL Server May Generate Nested Query For Linked Server When Option Is Disabled
7.0.9707.00.970Q282243KB282243282243 FIX: Incorrect Results with Join of Column Converted to Binary
7.0.9617.00.961SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3)
7.0.9217.00.921Q283837KB283837283837 FIX: SQL Server May Generate Nested Query For Linked Server When Option Is Disabled
7.0.9197.00.919Q282243KB282243282243 FIX: Incorrect Results with Join of Column Converted to Binary
7.0.9187.00.918Q280380KB280380280380 FIX: Buffer Overflow Exploit Possible with Extended Stored Procedures
7.0.9177.00.917Q279180KB279180279180 FIX: Bcp.exe with Long Query String Can Result in Assertion Failure
7.0.9107.00.910Q275901KB275901275901 FIX: SQL RPC That Raises Error Will Mask @@ERROR with Msg 7221
7.0.9057.00.905Q274266KB274266274266 FIX: Data Modification Query with a Distinct Subquery on a View May Cause Error 3624
7.0.8897.00.889Q243741KB243741243741 FIX: Replication Initialize Method Causes Handle Leak on Failure
7.0.8797.00.879Q281185KB281185281185 FIX: Linked Index Server Query Through OLE DB Provider with OR Clause Reports Error 7349
7.0.8577.00.857Q260346KB260346260346 FIX: Transactional Publications with a Filter on Numeric Columns Fail to Replicate Data
7.0.8437.00.843Q266766KB266766266766 FIX: Temporary Stored Procedures in SA Owned Databases May Bypass Permission Checks When You Run Stored Procedures
7.0.8427.00.842SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2)
7.0.8397.00.839SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Unidentified
7.0.8357.00.835SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Beta  Beta
7.0.7767.00.776Q258087KB258087258087 FIX: Non-Admin User That Executes Batch While Server Shuts Down May Encounter Retail Assertion
7.0.7707.00.770Q252905KB252905252905 FIX: Slow Compile Time on Complex Joins with Unfiltered Table
7.0.7457.00.745Q253738KB253738253738 FIX: SQL Server Components that Access the Registry in a Cluster Environment May Cause a Memory Leak
7.0.7227.00.722Q239458KB239458239458 FIX: Replication: Problems Mapping Characters to DB2 OLEDB Subscribers
7.0.6997.00.699SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
7.0.6897.00.689SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Beta  Beta
7.0.6777.00.677SQL Server 7.0 MSDE from Office 2000 disc
7.0.6627.00.662Q232707KB232707232707 FIX: Query with Complex View Hierarchy May Be Slow to Compile
7.0.6587.00.658Q244763KB244763244763 FIX: Access Violation Under High Cursor Stress
7.0.6577.00.657Q229875KB229875229875 FIX: Unable to Perform Automated Installation of SQL 7.0 Using File Images
7.0.6437.00.643Q220156KB220156220156 FIX: SQL Cluster Install Fails When SVS Name Contains Special Characters
7.0.6237.00.623SQL Server 7.0 RTM (Gold, no SP)  RTM
7.0.5837.00.583SQL Server 7.0 RC1
7.0.5177.00.517SQL Server 7.0 Beta 3  Beta



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